What to do with children at Easter

What to do with children at Easter

Holidays are approaching, the most anticipated by many families, and some do not know what to do. While some families take the opportunity to make a getaway, a trip to see family or friends who live in other cities, or go to the beach or the mountains, others prefer to avoid the agitation of the roads or train stations and airports, and choose to enjoy a few days off with the family. And the children, what to do with them?

The younger children are, the less things they need. They are satisfied with the simplest alternatives. In reality, the ones who complicate our lives are the parents. No matter what we decide to do, they follow us, delighted, because after all what they want is to play, is to be more united as a family and with their parents, sharing board games, a movie on television or on the movies, a meal, playing in the park, those things ...

In good or bad weather, children always put a good face, everything will remain the same for them. Rain or shine, your desire for adventure and knowledge has no brakes, and it's easy to unleash your abilities and sense of exploration. Children come and go, play and entertain themselves with everything.

For those who stay on the Easter holidays, they will be able to:

- Take the board games (ludo, goose game, puzzles ...) from the cupboards and review them with the children

- Take children to parks, zoos, exhibitions, museums, libraries ...

- Have a picnic with them in the middle of nature

- Take a bike ride

- Make an Easter egg craft

- Take them to the kitchen and prepare with them some delicious French toast or some Easter eggs

- Go to the cinema, the theater, or watch a movie on TV, with the right to popcorn

- Help them improve their skills by making them cut, paste and color, and draw.

- Listen to music or dance

- Browse the photo albums or ask for their help to rearrange them

- If you have a garden, invite the children to plant and take care of the plants

- Learn to skate or play rope with them It can be done, and a lot, for the family on holidays. It all depends on the organization, the spirits, and the ease that everyone has.

- Cook typical Easter or Easter recipes with the children, such as torrijas.

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