A boy explains why donate marrow

A boy explains why donate marrow

At just four years old, he should be terrified. Have leukemia Nevertheless, Daniel He tries to take away the fear of us, the elderly, the only ones who can save his life.

This little boy has become the protagonist of a campaign that launches the Association 'United by the marrow', an association formed by a group of volunteers who only seek one thing: to make the population aware of the importance of donating marrow to save the lives of children with cancer.

Daniel He has had leukemia since he was just two years old. Since then he has waged a battle without truce. He's used to gowns, needles, droppers, and long hospital stays. And at four years old, he gives us all a lesson in courage and bravery, and encourages us to donate marrow, without fear, without doubts, without excuses.

Daniel He explains very calmly why to donate marrow: 'It doesn't hurt at all'. Of course. Concise. Direct. He even gives us some advice: 'you have to blow very hard so that the punctures do not hurt'. He just wants to heal so he can go to school, to be a normal kid. Jump, play with others. But you will only achieve this with help: that of a donor.

Anyone can be a marrow donor. All you have to do is do some compatibility tests to enter the World Bank of Marrow Donors (They cannot be marrow donors, for example hypertensive people or people with heart problems). But in Spain, only 0.3% of people donate marrow. This is why the marrow bank is so poor. That is why children like Daniel do not find a compatible marrow. With this campaign we try to reach as many people as possible these messages:

- Donating marrow saves lives.

- Donating marrow is not dangerous.

- Donal marrow doesn't hurt.

Do you need anything else to convince you?

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