Bullying is also passing someone

Bullying is also passing someone

It is curious the confusion that parents have with the subject of harassment or bullying. Many believe that bullying situations are active and consist of intimidating or personally attacking someone with words or physical violence, but few know that "passing someone" is also harassment. And it is precisely this marginalization that destroys the self-esteem of many children at school.

These situations that are very common in educational centers, schools and institutes can become very harmful for those who suffer them, generally, in silence and alone. Feeling ignored is a serious blow to the self-esteem of anyone, but especially for all children and adolescents in the formation of their personality.

Although we all understand that punching or kicking and teasing for a long period of time are clear bullying or bullying situations. bullying, we must also be attentive to psychological situations of exclusion.

Therefore, harassment, intimidation or victimization situations are those in which a student is exposed, repeatedly and for a time, to negative actions carried out by other colleagues. Negative actions are understood both verbally or through physical contact, and psychological exclusion.

The word bullying is used to describe these various types of unwanted behaviors by children and adolescents, ranging from those practical jokes, the deliberately ignoring or ignoring someone, personal attacks, and even serious abuse.

Sometimes it is an individual who does the bullying, but it can also be done in a group or in a gang and in the latter case the pressure tends to be aggravated, precisely because of the strength of the group against a lonely individual. In bullying, the most important thing is not the action itself, but the effects it produces on its victims. Most lonely children wonder why no one likes them, why everyone passes out of their existence.

Sometimes, parents choose to change the child from the study center to see if this way, with new companions, this situation stops repeating itself, but isolation is like a bargaining chip with return and it reappears.

What would be the solution against harassment? Reprimands, threats of expulsion and punishment do not usually intimidate bullies, who are supported by friends. In most cases, these situations go unnoticed by teachers and parents, because children suffer them in silence and fear. Turning out to be a snitch could be even worse. Therefore, early detection by others is essential to curb these situations.

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