How to avoid food poisoning in children this Christmas

How to avoid food poisoning in children this Christmas

If something can be equated in importance to the arrival of Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men to our homes during the Christmas period, it is family gatherings and of course, feasts.

Whatever the main dish chosen, roast turkey, lamb, sea bass or some good steaks, it is usually accompanied by appetizers, hors d'oeuvres, sauces and desserts that together make an exorbitant amount of dishes that increase stress in the kitchen and at the table .

Let's look at five simple tips to ensure that, on these familiar dates, food poisoning in children does not add stress to meetings at Christmas.

- Avoid cross contamination. When you are cooking several dishes and at the same time you are watching and entertaining the little ones, it is easy not to know which knife has been used to cut the meat, which for the vegetables and which board for what. It is useful to prepare two workstations, one for foods that are to be eaten raw, such as fruits or salads, and the other for those that are going to be cooked and be careful about cleaning both. If it helps us to keep them differentiated, children can take care of washing fruits and placing them in the appropriate position, away from the sharp meat knife.

- Make sure you cook the roasts for a longer time at a lower temperature and not the other way around. Although the rush may prompt us to do so, cooking a roast at a higher temperature and for less time can result in the center of the piece not being fully cooked, which can be a source of bacteria that can be potentially dangerous.

- Leftovers in the fridge. With the dishes to be cleared, the children to go to bed and the grapes to drink, many times we forget the leftovers of food that are already warm on the counter, increasing the danger of microbial overgrowth. Hot food should not be kept in the fridge, but it should be kept warm, tightly closed and in small portions. You need to make sure that leftovers are fully heated before eating.

- Look at the dates of preferential consumption, especially if the food contains eggs or raw milk in its composition. These foods can be a source of Listeria Monocytogenes, a microorganism that grows easily in refrigeration, so respecting the recommended consumption date is essential to avoid food poisoning in children this Christmas.

- Make sure you wash the vegetables well, even if they come prepared. Bagged salads make our work much easier, and generally do not pose a problem, but it is worth giving them a final wash before placing them in the bowl. This task is one of those that can be entrusted to the little ones, who will not only be delighted but will feel involved in the preparation of this important dinner.

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